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Hiring Vendors

Choosing the team of wedding professionals who will help you pull off a fantastic celebration on your wedding day is a task that most couples spend some significant attention on as the end result will be in direct correlation to the time spent on this endeavor.

By doing some online research first, you should be well on your way to narrowing down potential wedding vendors to contact and set up meetings with. We’ll look at what types of questions to ask vendors below, as well as items to keep in mind in order to stay on budget and on track with your planning.

Selecting a Wedding Caterer

Garden-themed wedding reception place settings.

Selecting a good caterer for your wedding is one choice that your guests will definitely notice and appreciate, so it makes sense to reserve a significant part of your wedding budget for this particular item. Even if you’re not working with a huge budget to begin with, taking the time to select the best caterer that you Read more

Interviewing Wedding Officiants

Bride and groom share a quiet moment of reflection after the wedding ceremony.

Choosing the person who will perform your wedding ceremony may be as easy as asking your long-time pastor in the Church you’re to be married in, or it may involve interviewing officiants whom you’ve never had contact with before. The most important thing is that you and your fiancé feel comfortable with this person — and Read more

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

A bride looks out at her ceremony venue as she arrives by car on her wedding day.

A common question that comes up in the early stages of planning a wedding is “should I hire a wedding planner?” If you are planning a fairly sizable wedding, have time constraints of your own, or would simply prefer to delegate some of the work to a professional to handle, a wedding planner may be Read more

A Quick Guide to Hiring Wedding Vendors

Bride approaches her adoring guests at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Even if you are just getting started with wedding planning, at some point you will need to research and select the individuals or companies who will help you to create the wedding you’ve always envisioned, helping turn your ideas into reality. With a little due diligence and some basic knowledge of the wedding business, you’ll be well Read more

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Dressed in radiant pink gowns, the bridesmaids hold pink, rose and cream bouquets behind their backs.

Without a doubt, researching wedding photographers online first before setting up any actual appointments can save time. Any reputable photographer should have a fairly comprehensive website that includes a portfolio of their work, services and photography packages offered, as well as some background on who they are and what their artistic approach is. Once you narrow Read more