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Choosing Your Wedding Colors

in Getting Started
Bride carries her elegant muted rose, violet and gold themed bouquet.

Colors, colors, colors. The more you see, the more you want to see. But when it comes to choosing your wedding colors – the unique palette that will bring together your choice of flowers, bridesmaids dresses and table linens – the possibilities can start to become a bit overwhelming.

If you haven’t yet finalized your choice of colors, the key is to choose just ONE color to begin with. It could be your favorite color, like purple or pink, or it could also be a color which simply makes you feel calm, happy, etc. Perhaps a shimmery pale blue reminds you of the ocean, or a dark amber the warmth of an autumn sunset.

When you’ve selected a first color choice, continue on to build your dream wedding palette…

the tools you’ll need

(1.) a sample of your first color choice
Try to find anything that best represents your first color choice above. This could be a fabric swatch that you picked up, a magazine clipping that inspired you, etc.

(2.) an online color palette tool
You can search Google for color palettes or color palette tools to find an array of free tools to get you started. A favorite of ours which we’ll use for the purposes of this article is colourlovers.com. Once on the COLOURlovers website, start by clicking on “Wedding” and then “Wedding Colors”. Scroll down the list and see if you can find a color that best matches the one you chose above.

After you click on a color, the next page will contain a collection of user-submitted palettes containing that color, which other viewers have voted on. Alternatively, you can create your own palette from scratch by clicking on the “Create” button at the top right-hand side of the screen. You can start with a color or even a photo (note that you need to create a free account on the site in order to use this feature.) If you have an engagement photo that you love, you might try turning it into a palette! 🙂

bonus step: from palettes…to patterns

Once you’ve found a good palette of colors, you can then move onto the pattern creator tool. After clicking on or creating a palette that you like, click on “Create Pattern” which is just underneath the palette at the top of the palette screen. Here you can choose all sorts of patterns made up of your colors by choosing anything from Retro to Whimsical under “Browse Pattern Styles”. These patterns could be a great start to spark your invitation design, place cards and more.