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Use Bridal Magazines to Start Collecting Ideas for Your Wedding

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Even in this digital age, browsing through a printed bridal magazine is still a fantastic way to start collecting some great wedding ideas and planning tips. Not only is it a tactile experience with its glossy and gorgeous printed pages, but it’s also a great way to go “offline” for a bit and use this time to plan and dream about your unique wedding day.

choose your favorite magazines

The next time you have a few minutes in your local bookstore, take a look at some of the current wedding magazines available. Some tried and true favorites include the national magazines Brides, Bridal Guide and Martha Stewart Weddings, but you might also see if there are guides specific to your local area which will also include wedding vendor listings and resources.

If your wedding is a year or more away, you might consider investing in an annual subscription to your favorite(s). If you subscribe through Amazon, for example, a yearly subscription comes to only a few dollars per issue for a quarterly or bi-monthly subscription, and some publications may even offer you a free subscription through their website if you provide your contact details and wedding date. You might also be able to score a few freebie magazines at an upcoming bridal show.

Tip: You might also want to pick up a travel magazine or two while you’re at it–these can be excellent resource for honeymoon ideas and planning.

collect photos and other wedding ideas

While most bridal magazines offer helpful planning articles in addition to photos, many brides will opt to purchase planning books (or plan online) instead, and use magazines as a source of initial inspiration for the big day. If this is you, pull up a comfy chair and dive in! Cut out any photos of wedding dresses, table designs, color schemes or venue ideas that in any way call out to you as a possible idea for your own wedding. You don’t have to take a lot of time with this process, just let the scissors fly and the collecting begin.

Once you have a good stash going, you might want to then organize your collection into specific categories: attire, flowers, reception, etc. If you have a wedding binder that you purchased (or a simple 3-ring binder from any office supply store), this is would be a great opportunity to drop your clippings in there.

share your ideas with wedding vendors

Once you have your inspiration collection or binder in place, plan to take it with you whenever you meet with a potential wedding vendor or event company. Ask whether they will be able to create a similar vision to the photos you show them. As they say, a picture is often worth a thousand words and in this case nothing could be more true. If you both share a clear picture of your vision of the big day, chances are you’ll get the look you’re after.