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Wedding Planning 101: Get Ready, Get Set… Get Organized!

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Beautiful bride with red roses gets her picture taken following the outdoor ceremony.

Okay, okay, so you’ve been to your local bookstore, surveyed the rather large collection of wedding books and wondered how anyone even gets through this whole planning process… and why all those wedding planning books are so thick!!

This is completely understandable – it is a bit on the daunting side. Planning a wedding is definitely not something you can throw together in a matter of days, and there will certainly be quite a few projects along the way to keep you busy.

But these ‘projects’ can actually be fun – a lot of fun! And with a plan, you may even find yourself looking forward to them 😉

the plan

1.) Most importantly, keep things SIMPLE.

There will always be another photographer to interview, another centerpiece idea, another wedding favor website. When you find something that “clicks” with you, go with it! You’ve just crossed off one more thing your wedding checklist.

2.) Decide on a good filing system before you begin.

Order a box of file folders or a 3-ring binder with multiple dividers to hold all of your contracts, notes, etc. If you’re really ambitious, consider investing $20-30 in a labeler – it keeps things especially neat and organized. As you go along, designate one folder or section for each aspect of your planning — caterer, rehearsal dinner, guest list, etc.

3.) Get Started! Begin tackling items on your wedding checklist.

Look at the first list of to-do’s in the “12 Months Before” section. Don’t try to do all of these at once – take one at a time and consider putting the others on your calendar so that you know they’ll get taken care of, just not all today!

4.) Don’t be afraid to delegate.

Family members and attendants will more than likely be completely willing to help take on some of the planning tasks – if they offer, take them up on it! If there are parts of the planning that you know you don’t need to be (or care to be) directly involved in, ask for help.

5.) Have FUN!

While some tasks will take longer than others, there will be others that will balance out all of the hard work – treating yourself to a day at the spa for example 😉 Also, consider subscribing to one or more bridal magazines – when you think you’ve run out of wedding ideas, these glossy guides are a great pick-me up.

And lastly,

6.) Don’t worry that you won’t possibly be able to do all of these things…

Everything will get done, in due time, and you’ll see all of your hard work pay off when things really start to come together. Your wedding day will be a blast!