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Wedding Stationery Checklist

in Stationery
Stationery-related items to consider for a wedding.

Wedding invitations and save the dates are arguably the most essential purchases when it comes to wedding stationery needs, but there are many other accompanying items you might want to consider before placing your final order (you might be able to save on the cost of purchasing these items separately as many retailers offer package discounts.)

Consider the following items as you prepare your wedding invites order:

  • Save the Date Cards
  • Reply Cards and Envelopes
  • Other Enclosures (Directions/Maps, Accommodation Info, etc.)
  • Marriage Announcements
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Place Cards for the Reception
  • Printed Cocktail Napkins or Number Cards for Reception Tables
  • Gift Bag or Wedding Favor Tags
  • Note Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Address Change Announcements

Tip: For the do-it-yourself-ers out there, several of these items can be created at home or with the help of your wedding support team. 🙂 For example, directions, maps and local accommodation information can be printed out on any good laser printer and added to the final invitations before they go out. Your ceremony programs, place cards and table cards can also be printed at home to save on costs; consider purchasing some good quality cardstock in bulk or in pre-cut sizes for this purpose.

When you have a completed invitation set (with reply card, envelope and any other enclosures) take one to your local post office to determine the necessary amount of postage.

Be sure to buy enough stamps for both the inner reply envelopes and the invitations themselves, and feel free to choose stamps that match your own unique personality (flowers, love, etc.)

When everything’s ready to go, bring your stamped invitations to the post office to have them hand cancelled rather than just dropping them in a mail box. This will give you the peace of mind in knowing they’ve been sent off, and they’ll be spared the wear and tear of going through the automated postal machines.