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Planning Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

in Attire and Beauty
Bride gets the final touches added to her wedding day hairstyle, including the veil.

Whether your wedding is coming up next month or next year, choosing the right hairstyle is something that you’ve probably thought about once or twice… we know, we’ve been there. 🙂 Here are a few tips to help you decide upon the perfect hairstyle for the big day.

the tools you’ll need

(1.) a few bridal magazines
If you haven’t started thinking about the day-of “do,” one of the best places to start looking for hairstyle ideas is in bridal magazines. Hairstyling magazines are okay, but normally don’t have a lot of true bridal updos to browse through. See if you can find a few good glossy bridal magazine pages to work from and save them to show to your stylist.

(2.) a little online research
This step should be a fun one – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with online photos, though, so stick to the basics and when you find a few photos of wedding hairstyles you like, go with them! You can always modify the style to match your unique personality with the help of your stylist.

Hint: You can google terms like “wedding hairstyles” etc. and then click on “Images” in the top menu bar in Google – this will show you literally thousands of photos that match your search term.

some tips for your first hair trial appointment

When you have some styling ideas in mind, it’s a good idea to schedule a hair trial no later than about a month or so before the wedding. That will give you some built-in time to make changes to the final style if necessary.

When discussing your potential hairstyles at your first appointment, keep in mind that your profile will be facing your guests throughout most of the ceremony, as you face your fiancé. If you have medium-length to long hair, pulling it back or up on the top of your head (at least the front sections) will let your guests be able to see your beautiful and happy face, and not just a head full of hair. They *want* to see your beautiful smile, trust us! 🙂

Most importantly, be sure to bring your veil, headpiece, and any other accessories that you’ll be wearing on the day of the wedding to your first (and every) hair appointment. Having a friend there with you to take a few pictures of your new style can help a lot too, just in case you decide you’d like to discuss any changes with your stylist before your final hair appointment.