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Wedding Music

When it comes to music, many couples have definite opinions about the music that they’d like to hear on their special day, while others may choose to leave some of these decisions to their musicians or DJ. Wherever you fall currently, we’ll cover your potential questions below such as “What pieces are typically performed during a wedding ceremony?”, “What are some good first dance songs?” and more.

Wedding Reception Music Checklist

Typical wedding reception dances to choose specific songs for.

As you work with a band or DJ on your reception music, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible and have songs already chosen for the key parts of the wedding reception – from your entrance music to the last dance. Don’t worry if you don’t have a song in mind for one Read more

Wedding Ceremony Music Suggestions

Violin rests atop the grand piano before the wedding ceremony beings.

Traditionally, wedding ceremony music has been largely based upon classical music selections – and these timeless gems are still very much in use for today’s modern wedding ceremonies. Depending on the type of wedding ceremony you plan to have, particularly for more religious settings in places of worship, you may want to check with your Read more